Win with Dr. Juanri Jonck

May 4, 2020, Author: bianca

7 Minutes with Dr. Juanri Jonck

She’s the owner of LifeLAB and works as medical doctor and health coach together with a group of phenomenal Pretoria-based, female entrepreneurs.

The topic on everyone’s lips: Corona. Dr. Juanri says she is very impressed with the way President Ramaphosa stood up to the plate and enforced lockdown. “This gives our medical services the chance for much needed preparations by flattening the curve.” LifeLAB’s doors have been open right through the whole Corona debacle. “Even during the time of COVID-19 people are still getting normal ear infections and kids are still falling off of structures and need sutures, so our doors are still open,” says Dr. Juanri. They have, however, taken some steps like limiting their opening times and scheduling video consultations where they can. Their intravenous Vitamin C therapy has been limited to high risk patients like those over 60 and people with immune impairments like cancer patients, HIV patients and those with primary Immune Deficiency.

When it comes to curing COVID-19, Dr. Juanri says that there are numerous teams working on all kinds of methods. Some have come up with possible ways to fight the virus with existing medication which include Malaria meds like Chloroquine and specific antivirals like Favilavir, which apparently show promise in China. Others have been developing new COVID-19-specific treatments like the TZLS-501 which reduces inflammation caused by the virus and AT-100 which also reduces the respiratory (lung) inflammation, as well as generating an immune response to respiratory diseases. There are also teams developing vaccinations to protect those not yet infected. Dr. Juanri says that while these teams are hard at work on treating and preventing the virus and its spread, the best thing we can do is to flatten the curve.

According to her people are realising the importance of proactively looking after their health. This is exactly where the lifeLAB team fits in as their slogan is: Living better for longer. People want to optimise their health and live the best version of themselves. “I am excited to meet more people who want to live their best lives possible,” the doc says.

LifeLAB has a holistic approach to living (and looking) better for longer. They offer a weight loss clinic, intravenous therapy (including immune boosters, babyface drips, sport performance and detox drips to name a few), hormone optimisation, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy and aesthetics, Little People Wellness (a kids clinic), physiotherapists, neuroplasticity, orthomolecular treatment (a potent form of hypnoses that has been very successful with problems ranging from addiction to weight problems), a somatologist, a nail technician and soon also molecular hydrogen therapy.


  • Family
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Exercising


  • Water wastage
  • Superiority complexes
  • Prescription of potentially harmful medications


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