Who to sit next to (or not)

August 5, 2019, Author: bianca

Gautrain Travelling

Train travel has been a mode of transport for centuries and many people use it to get from point A to point B. Some have mastered the art of where to sit (and where not to sit) on the Gautrain and we have done so recently too.

Squeeze in next to…

The Introvert

Spot the introverts sooner than later and make your way to the seat next to them. Chances are that when some seats open up, they’ll move, and you’ll have 2 or 3 seats all to yourself.

The Cautious

If you keep losing stuff everywhere, sitting next to someone who is cautious might not be a bad idea. They usually check the area where they sat very thoroughly and might spot your dropped Gautrain card before you’ve left the train.

The Talker

If you’re a keen eve’s dropper, sitting next to someone who enjoys talking is the answer. We’ve heard many interesting conversations on the Gautrain before – from intellectual architectural discussions and lawyers battling it out over the phone to the latest gossip within large, corporate companies.

The Mute

We have also found the complete opposite on the train. Some people get onto the train, not even looking up to greet you. They usually have earphones on and completely ignore everyone around them. If you prefer some quiet me-time on the train (which is often the only me-time the day allows), spot the earphones and jump at the chance to sit next to them.

Skip seats next to:

The Chatterbox

There is a difference between intelligent conversation and chatting about the same topics over and over again. Having to listen to the same story from different angles thrice can be tiring. Rather sidestep these train travellers if you can.

The Lovebirds

Being the third wheel has never been fun. Nor has landing a seat next to two lovebirds who can’t keep their hands off each other. Spot them before you get on – you’ll notice the lovey dovey, handholding, forehead kissing couples from afar. When you do – get in at another door!

The Curious

If you don’t like to be asked endless questions about your life, try not to sit next to those snooping passengers who want to know where you live, what your dog’s name is or why you wear your hair like that.

Gautrain insights:

There are now additional 8-car trains during the morning and afternoon peak periods on the North-South line.

The first train on the North-South line departs from Hatfield at 05h05 on weekdays.

The afternoon peak period has been extended Northbound (from Park Station to Hatfield Station) and now commences at 14h38 on weekdays.

The first train departing from O.R. Tambo International Airport at 05h19 travelling towards Sandton now also stops at Rhodesfield and Marlboro. These two stations therefore have an earlier train departure on weekdays now.

Trains are now available every 20 minutes on weekends and public holidays between O.R. Tambo International Airport and Sandton.

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