Tips to make your family road trip more fun and less stressful

December 5, 2018, Author: Danita Pilley

Whether it’s a trip down to the coast or to a vacation destination such as The Palace of the Lost City, many parents will be embarking on a long summer road trip with their kids over the course of the December holidays.


Doing so can be a fantastic bonding experience for the family. However, being together for such a long period of time in a confined space does definitely pose its challenges for mom, dad and the kids. Children get bored, lethargic and cranky, while parents go mad after hearing  ‘are we there yet’ for the millionth time.

FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) South Africa has provided some tips to help ensure that you have the best experience during your road trip.


Tips for surviving a road-trip with your children:

Make use of iPad or Android tablets packed to the brim with episodes of your child’s favourite shows will be a godsend. To avoid any data battles, simply open the YouTube app at home when connected to the Wi-Fi network, and click download to make all of the videos available on the device when offline. Rather spend your budget on the holiday and not on data!

On a related note, if your family car doesn’t have any USB charging ports be sure to purchase a USB charger that plugs into the vehicle’s lighter socket. Get one that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, to avoid fights over who gets to charge their device.

Pack your own food. Not only will this save you money, but you can pack delicious, healthy snacks and avoid your children nagging for fast food and garage snacks at every stop.

As corny as they are, old-fashioned car games such as eye-spy can help pass the time.

Get everyone as comfortable as possible during every phase of the trip by providing necessities such as pillows, blankets, comfortable driving shoes as well as relaxing sleepwear for the kids.

Small kids love booster seats that allow them to see outside and peruse interesting scenery or animals.

Kids also make things messy, so ensure that you have a toilet paper roll, paper towels and/or wet wipes to clean the occasional but guaranteed stickiness, spills and oily fingerprints all over the car window.

Another classic tip to keep your children entertained is making a playlist. You can opt for an old-school CD filled with their favourite tracks or put them on a USB.


These tips should make the journey pass by a little quicker and easier as well as make life for both kids and parents a lot more bearable and more importantly, memorable. Wherever you drive this holiday season, enjoy the trip and travel safely.

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