Put the FUN back in date night

October 3, 2019, Author: bianca

Pretoria-based tips and tricks

With everything that’s a rush these days, date night is the one thing that should slow you down and let you spend some quality time with that special someone in your life. What fun is there in going to the same restaurant for the seventh time if there are so many other fun ways to enjoy each other’s company?


In this busy life that is so drenched in technology-based conversations, finding a place and time to spend quality time without any cell phone or television distraction is often more difficult than you’d imagine. Getting to know each other within a relationship is so important as we all keep growing and evolving and we need to communicate with each other to stay on the same wavelength. Here are our favourite ways to put the fun back in date night:

Breakfast for Dinner

Who said you can’t have breakfast for dinner? Turn on your favourite classics and whip up a few yummy breakfast dishes for dinner. We’re thinking waffles with berries and cream. And, why not add some bubbly? Graham Beck’s Brut Rose might just be the perfect pairing!

Set up camp

No need to travel out of town to enjoy an evening under the stars. With Pretoria’s spectacular spring weather and the Jacarandas that have started blooming, there’s no better way to put the fun back in date night than by moving your bedroom to your lawn! Make it a glamping experience of note with some Pinterest-style S’mores and your favourite bottle of wine.

First date…again

Go back in time and recreate your very first date. Go back to that same restaurant (if it still exists), order the same or a similar meal and reminisce that feeling of falling madly in love.

Go for a sunset picnic

Fort Klapperkop offers some of the best views in Pretoria. Treat yourselves to some delish takeaway treats from Varsity Bakery, yummy gelato from Aroma in Lynnwood or at The Village and indulge in each other’s company while taking in Pretoria’s magnificence from up top.

Local talent

Enjoy an evening of really good local music while sipping on some cocktails. Café Barcelona in Colbyn might be a good place to start. See Roan Ash live here on 2 October, Bouwer & Lucinda on the 4th, Alan Garrity and Steve Ashley on the 11th and Justin Serrao on the 18th.

For the LGBTQI+ couples:

  • Hit up your local Beefcakes on the corner of 18th Street and Dely Road for a gay night out. They serve some of the best cocktails in town.
  • Do a couples’ vision board. We all have dreams and aspirations – this is a good way to share it with your partner.
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