Nightlife Lusting

July 1, 2019, Author: bianca

What people today really want from a night out on the town

As per definition, a bar, pub, saloon or tavern (if you’d like to travel back in time) is defined as an establishment that serves alcohol. Well, that was then…

Today’s customer is much more bougie – looking for a lot more than just lukewarm beer complemented with some stale peanuts and biltong on a sticky bar counter. Here are some of the trends that might appeal to an audience looking for some nightlife inspiration when the sun sets in P-town:

Rise of the Mocktail

Once something that was added to the menu to appease the teetotaler, the alcohol-free cocktail is not something to joke about anymore. With the rise of conscious living and wellness trends comes the need for evening establishments to invest in some good mocktail options and cater for a growing audience. It is perhaps counter-intuitive when on the topic of nightlife, but more and more people are going out and drinking lightly or avoiding hard tack all together – whether it’s for health reasons or to stay safe on the roads.

Try this: Restaurant Mosaic at The Orient offers a non-alcoholic drink pairing to complement the food offering.

Or this: Salsa Mexican Grill at Loftus Park makes a great gin mocktail.

Live Large with all the extras

After a long, full week at work or even just a bad day, you want to unwind and enjoy the finer things. If and when you go out these days, it really has to count. No one has time to waste. A trend that keeps on giving, is the bar that is just so much more than a bar. People want an experience, something worth tweeting about or sharing on Instagram. Something exciting and something that will make their friends wish they were there. The fancier and more luxurious, the better!

Try This: The Globe Bar is really something to write home about. This establishment combines experimental mixology and molecular gastronomy in a gorgeous venue. With premium spirits on the menu to limited Cuban cigars, here’s a spot to turn up the heat.

Or this: Culture Club – Bar de Tapas for ridiculously yum tapas while you are tippling.

Spoiled for choice

People are picky. We know this. If your bar serves the average SAB variety and that’s that, then you are certainly missing something. For those plucking up the energy to go out in winter and spend their hard-earned money, there has to be something a little more appealing than a generic lager to keep the place hopping. Today, imported and craft beers have become the standard to live up to and the more products you have with names that no one knows, the better!

Try this: Capital Craft in Menlo Park and Centurion specialises in serving the best craft beers that South Africa has to offer, together with quality cuisine.

Or this: Carbon Bistro serves the biggest variety of gin in Gauteng with over 200 different types of craft gin from 34 different countries.

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