Natural Beauty by Wellness Warehouse

August 30, 2019, Author: bianca

There are a host of reasons to replace chemical-laden products with equally effective natural alternatives.

The new Wellness Beauty Collection from Wellness Warehouse includes face and body care solutions containing naturally nourishing beeswax, honey and propolis – free from parabens, harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances and locally handmade with 100% natural ingredients.

Daily Facial Cleanser

Harness the essential fatty acids in castor oil to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance with this cleanser and makeup remover for all skin types.

(R 119.95)

Daily Moisturiser

A 100% natural facial moisturiser with lavender and Neroli SPF 15 – the perfect moisturiser and sun protection for normal and combination skin.

(R 134.95)

Night Cream

Keep your skin hydrated and your complexion even with Wellness Warehouse’s 100% natural handmade night cream, consisting of hydrating rose geranium and lavender.

(R 154.95)

Body Butter

A rejuvenating, rich and fragrant orange and rose body butter handmade with all-natural ingredients.

(R 169.95)


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