March 6, 2020, Author: bianca

Packed with endless potential

Lynnwood is characterised by impressive architecture, amicable streets and great schools and as an added bonus, it’s in close proximity of hospitals, restaurants, the airport and museums.

Established in the 1960’s, Lynnwood was once the most Eastern part of Pretoria and although the city has expanded considerably since then, Lynnwood is still one of Pretoria’s most favoured neighborhoods. With lush, tranquil suburbs, upmarket shops and restaurants, this neighborhood proves to be the perfect place to settle down, yet still be part of the city life.

The streets in Lynnwood are typically lined with trees and large houses with ample walking space for kids and even a few dogs. Lynnwood is also home to many students as the University of Pretoria, UNISA and the CSIR is close by.


For shopping fanatics, the Lynnbridge Mall is an integral part of the Lynnwood community, boasting lovely restaurants and shops. Menlyn Park and Brooklyn Mall are both also just a stone’s throw away.

The Glen Gables Centre’s Housewives’ Market (right next to Rock@88) is probably one of Lynnwood’s best kept secrets. Here you can buy anything from fresh fruits, nuts, confectionery and a variety of traditional Portuguese items.


To let you in on a little secret, Lynnwood has the best sushi restaurant in all of Pretoria! Feng Yi, situated at the Glenfair Centre has the most amazing sushi at the most affordable prices and you’re sure to bump into us there! If you’re a fan of an after-work cocktail or you’re looking for a spot to chill out over the weekend, Capital Craft, Lucky Rodrigo’s and Rock@88 Bar and Braai are also located in this diverse suburb.

P.S. If you’re keen on shakin’ some booty, Madison’s and Presleys are situated on Lynnwood Drive.


Another key attraction of the area is the Pretoria National Botanical Gardens – the perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon picnic or that Saturday morning Parkrun, of course!

Whether you want to buy your dream house, start small with a family or if you’re just looking for some more space, Lynnwood has it all. With other great neighborhoods like Hatfield, Brooklyn and Waterkloof just around the corner, there’s no need to travel far for any of your needs.


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