Let’s JUMP!

May 25, 2020, Author: renate

A fun way to tone, lose weight and support a worthy cause

We often need some inspiration when it comes to exercise, especially when the clouds are rolling in and you’d rather spend that time in front of the fireplace. With Jumping Fitness, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than in their studio.

Leandri Kemp, owner and founder of Jumping Fitness SA took a leap of faith when she initially played around with the idea of launching Jumping Fitness in South Africa. Creators Thomas Burianek and Jana Svobodova originally founded the Jumping Fitness concept in Europe, Czech Republic and Tabor City. With a background in aerobics and spinning, they wanted to invent a sport that was pleasant, effective and suitable for everyone.

Leandri founded the first Jumping Fitness SA branch in Montana in May 2018 and on 2 May 2020 they celebrated their first birthday! Now there are branches in Lynnwood and Hennopspark (Centurion) and even in Ermelo and Nelspruit. For her it was about having a job while doing something she loves and that had to include events and fitness. The studio in Montana can accommodate 35 jumpers max with normal, everyday classes usually having about 15 people jumping for fitness (and joy)! The other branches can take up to 20 people per session.

Why jump? Well, the combination of fast and slow jumps, dynamic sprints and power elements in combination with balancing elements allow for some of the best cardio training. And, it’s fun! It also increases lung capacity and overall endurance. Furthermore, training on trampolines enhances the complex strengthening of muscles throughout the body, which makes it a proper full body workout that will not only ensure toning, but also weight loss.

Advantages of Jumping Fitness

– It’s fun
– It’s unique
– It’s effective
– It activates complete lymph drainage
– It’s suitable for all ages (men, women, children)
– Weight reduction (fat loss)
– It enhances muscle strength
– It has a low impact on joints
– It improves core stability
– It assists in sport injury rehabilitation
– Ten minutes of active jumping is the equivalent of thirty minutes of jogging
– It improves cardiovascular fitness

Jumping Fitness often collaborates with brands and charities. “Jumping Fitness SA is a stern believer in that you should believe in every project you decide to do and when an opportunity to collaborate with a charity or a celebrity comes along, we want to mean something,” says Leandri. “For us it’s more than just doing brand awareness. We want to make and continue to make a difference.”


Upcoming events with Jumping Fitness:


Family Day at Weiveld with Appel
Date: To be confirmed (postponed due to lockdown)
Bookings: TIXSA

Arms of Mercy – Jump for a cause
Date: 6 June 2020
Bookings: Will be confirmed on social media

Arms of Mercy – Cerebral Palsy Awareness Event
Date: 25 July 2020
Bookings: To be confirmed

You see, HP, with Jumping Fitness there are numerous reasons to jump. Whether it’s to lose weight, to tone or to support a cause you truly believe in. Let’s JUMP!

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