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How to jazz up that room

November 7, 2018, Author: Danita Pilley

We all know that a little change goes a long way and we’ll even go as far as saying that sometimes it’s as good as a holiday. With that much needed time off fast approaching why not embrace the holiday spirit, take on a new project and inject some life into your home! One of the easiest rooms to jazz up first is your bathroom and Granny B’s Old-Fashioned Paint knows just how to do that!

The easiest thing you can start with is the bathroom and those old, white cupboards that always need some loving. Select a bright, refreshing chalk finish paint and give them a good splash of colour. Another item in the bathroom that is often overlooked are the tiles! It is so easy to amp up the entire room by creating a beautiful stencilled design on the wall or floor.


Some of the things you would need to paint your bathroom tiles are:

Synthetic fibre brush for chalk paint
Granny B Old Fashioned Paint (chalk-finish)
Granny B Armour Sealer
Soft rags


Step 1: Prepare your painting area

Clean tiles well with sugar-soap and a scrubbing brush.

Step 2: Basic maintenance

Once dry apply the Granny B Zinsser 123 primer, (2 coats) and allow to cure for 4 days.

Step 3: Check your paint

Make sure you shake or stir the paint so it is mixed properly before you start.

Step 4 Go! Start painting and have fun!

Apply your first coat and wait for 2 hours, apply additional coats after an hour. Once your final coat has dried you can apply your stencil.

Step 5: Stencilling

This is done using a dry- brush technique; dip the tip of your brush into the paint and off-load the paint onto a rag until the brush seems to be ‘dry’. Use a stippling or dabbing technique to apply the stencil design. Repeat to darken the stencilled pattern. For stencilling use a stencil brush or a narrow 10mm to 12mm paintbrush.

Step 6: Seal

Apply three to five coats of Granny B Armour Sealer and allow final coat to set for 72 hours. More coats for heavier traffic. Always allow the final coat to cure before using the area.

Step 7: Cleaning process

Only ever clean with a mild solution of dishwashing liquid or handwashing liquid and warm water.

Step 8: Maintenance

An annual maintenance coat of Granny B Armour Sealer may be required depending on wear and tear.

Have fun, make a mess and then revel in the beautiful new room that you have created on your own. There are many tutorials you can watch online if you are still feeling a little unsure, but don’t hold back on your creativity!


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