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Battle of the Chefs

September 1, 2019, Author: bianca

Girls High Spring Fair

Pretoria High School for Girls celebrates 100 years of fundraising with a Battle of the Chefs event at their annual Spring Fair this year.

Pretoria Girls’ High (established in 1902) began a major fundraising campaign towards the end of World War I. Despite the hardships of wartime, the school, parents and old girls planned to raise funds for much needed playing fields. On the day £579 was raised. Taking inflation into account, that is R547 863. In the end £255 was donated to the South African Red Cross and St Dunstan’s Home for Blinded Soldiers, £37 went to the Sailor’s Memorial in the Port of London and the balance went to the War Fund, a gesture stemming from the reality that so many families’ men, many of them Old Boys of their brother school, Pretoria Boys High, had been dispatched to Europe to fight in the war.

In time, the event became known as the Spring Fair. As the name implies, the Spring Fair coincides with spring and this year it will be held on 7 September. To this day parents, girls and staff at the school spend months planning the event, ensuring that delicious food is on offer and entertainment is put up for young and old.

Sponsored by Spar, Steyn’s Culinary School and Prue Leith Chefs Academy, The Battle of the Chefs event is in its 6th year already, with thirty couples battling it out at the Quad of School House Hostel where spectators pay R5 to sit in on the cooking contest. In the first session (08:15 AM), contestants collaborate with an adult cooking partner and in the second session (10:30 AM) ten contestants cook with a friend or sibling. In the third and final session (12:30 PM) – a new addition to this year’s Spring Fair – Girls High and Boys High will battle it out against each other.

With a surprise goody bag filled with ingredients, including a mystery food item, teams will compete to serve the winning meal to the judges and with prizes from local businesses such as Roco Mamas, Sorbet, Vovo Telo and cookery books from Penguin Random House Publishers, this is a flavourful battle not to be missed!

Meet the Judges:

  • Chef Forti Mazzone

Owner of Forti Bar and Grill, public demonstrator, competition judge, food writer and recipe contributor and also an Old Boy from Pretoria Boys High.

  • Chef Mimi Jardim

Author of numerous Portuguese cookbooks in South Africa and product developer for Nando’s.

  • Chef Nicola Eksteen

Group Executive Chef at Prue Leith Chefs Academy.

  • Chef TP Aphane

Chef Lecturer from Steyn’s Culinary School and Old Boy form Pretoria Boys High.

  • Chef Ransley Pietersen

Development Chef at Serengeti Estates and also an Old Boy from Pretoria Boys High.

  • Chef Ferroudja Menhouk

From FBI Chef School & Patisserie and Old Girl from Pretoria High School for Girls.


Entrance: R20 at the gate.

Proceeds go towards Dog Town SA this year.

949 Park Street, Arcadia


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