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Fleisherei Bistro: Casual, Contemporary Dining in Centurion

January 31, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

Whilst Fleisherei Bistro is renowned for gourmet burgers and A grade grills, the menu includes a wide variety of tasty options to suit all palates, making it difficult to make mealtime decisions and resulting in repetitive food envy as colourful, wholesome plates pass the table!

Driving to Fleisherei Bistro you may think you’re headed to the wrong place as the map leads you up towards Centurion’s Business and Industrial parks near Midstream but tucked away down a flight of stairs hides a gem of a family restaurant.

The restaurant prides itself on casual, contemporary dining and the clean, simple interiors reflect this perfectly. With ample indoor and outdoor seating and a comprehensive, secure kiddies play area it’s a perfect selection for family meals and equally suitable for business lunches, year-end functions and special occasions.


Our friendly waiter, Andrew, enquired whether this was our first time at Fleisherei Bistro and on responding yes, proceeded to show us where to find the restrooms. A simple gesture, one which I’ve never experienced before, but that stuck with me as I realized it is inevitably the first question, we’re likely to ask and his proactive hospitality made us feel right at home. Whether all staff are trained to do likewise, or whether Andrew had just taken it upon himself I can’t be sure, but he is one of the reasons our trip to the restaurant was so memorable. On asking for suggestions (after pouring over the menu for the hundredth time in utter indecision), Andrew gave us his personal top five and sold us on the Matured Rib-Eye and the Pulled Pork on Ciabatta.

Simply plated but bursting with flavour, Fleisherei Bistro packs the punches where it matters most. The Rib Eye was tender and juicy, served with thick cut potato chips (or the option of salad) whilst the Pulled Pork Ciabatta was as delicious and flavourful as it was colourful and beautiful to look at.


My one regret is not having sufficient appetite to try a gourmet burger whilst there with options including the deboned belly rib burger with crispy onions and apple and gherkin slaw, or the Pure Indulgence Burger with cheese sauce, bacon bits, spring onion and shoestring fries. Those are just two of the many options which will have your mouth watering and it’s clear to say a return trip (or many) are required to work our way through the menu!

The kiddies area is clean and secure with high walls and only two access points from the seated area. There aren’t childminders on-site but provided you’re sitting outside, parents have a full view over the entire play area, ensuring the little ones can’t go far unnoticed.


The restaurant is equipped with WiFi which is free for patrons to use – making it a perfect location for a business lunch or mobile office for those who work remotely. If you’re a smoker, the only downfall is that they don’t have a smoking section so smoke breaks require a trip out to the car park for your nicotine fix.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, value for money meal for the whole family, Fleisherei Bistro comes highly recommended. Just remember to arrive hungry.

221A Landshut Drive, Brakfontein, Centurion
012 004 0552

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