5 ways to green your kitchen

March 17, 2020, Author: bianca

Easy swaps for an eco-friendly kitchen

Embrace your inner tree-hugger and take on the eco-friendly lifestyle. Here are some handy tips to get started with the kitchen.

Replace tinfoil and plastic wrap with beeswax wraps

Made from a sheet of organic cotton imbued with beeswax, food grade tree resin and organic jojoba oil, these handy little wraps are completely compostable because they contain no plastic particles or BPAs. It’s extremely easy to use as it takes on the shape of your food or container when you use the warmth of your hands. It keeps food fresh and tasty and can be washed and reused for up to a year!

Buy: Buzzy wraps, medium – R79


Replace plastic produce and grocery bags with mesh or cloth bags

Millions of plastic bags get produced on a yearly basis. This single-use item ends up strangling animals, filling our sewer systems and polluting the environment. We have all seen the horror images of animals found deceased with bellies full of plastic. Be part of the solution and purchase a few good quality cloth bags. You even get small produce bags. And if per chance you must buy a plastic bag, re-use it and try to recycle it afterwards.

Buy: Ecorific Foldable Shopper Bag – R55; Ecorific Zipper Pouch With 3 Produce Bags – R150


Say goodbye to paper towels and use washable cloths

Paper towels are made from wood pulp and the chemicals used to manufacture soft paper towels are toxic in nature and can land in water sources in be harmful to marine life. The amount of paper towels used daily in South African homes are alarming. It is a cheap alternative to cloths, but once you invest in a few durable washable cloths, we promise that you’ll never look back!

Buy: If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths – R79

Switch to natural cleaning products

Cleaning products have all been linked to respiratory illnesses, endometriosis in women and even cancer. The harmful toxins released can irritate the eyes or throat, or cause headaches. South Africa has reached amazing heights with alternatives to all the nasties, though. Made from all plant-derived ingredients, this is as natural as it gets!

Buy: SoPure Anti-Bacterial Kitchen Cleaner – R71

Recycle and start your own compost bin

Start by sorting your plastic, paper, cans and glass and marking the bags clearly for the garbage collectors or drop it off at a recycling depot (like the one at Stellastraat NG church). With unrecyclable plastic, you can make ecobricks (read more here: and to take things to the optimal green level, you can start a compost bin in your kitchen with a bokashi bin. Bokashi composting is an anaerobic process that relies on bran to ferment kitchen waste – including meat and dairy – into a safe soil builder and nutrient-rich tea for your plants. Yes, you can be this cool!

Buy: Earth Probiotic Bokashi Recycling Bin – R208, Earth Probiotic Earth Bokashi Bran – R180

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