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El Pistolero…Let’s Taco ‘bout Great Mexican Food in Pretoria

November 13, 2018, Author: Danita Pilley

This little Mexican gem is hidden away on the quiet streets of Constantia Park in Pretoria and packs a punch when it comes to flavours. If you like it spicy, then this small but varied menu is one for you!



The menu at El Pistolero consists mainly of traditional Mexican favourites such as quesadillas, tacos and burritos with innovative fillings and ‘build your own’ options’. It’s not extravagant or overthought – the meals are simple and wholesome, and the portion sizes are generous. With two of us sitting down for dinner and the usual indecision when it comes to ordering from a new menu, we made the call to order two or three options to share. I should have known by the waitress’ giggle that my “we’ll order more once we’ve finished these” comment was one I’d be retracting mid-meal as I waved the white flag to surrender in defeat.

The jalapeño poppers were delicious and despite being about six notches hotter than my usual heat handling capacity, I was determined to eat more because the pleasure of the flavour far outweighed the pain of losing sensation in my lips. Besides, it was nothing a frozen margarita couldn’t solve!

The Nachos Grande with chilli con carne was my favourite of the evening. Crunchy tortilla chips – freshly made on the premises – piled high with drunken beans, guacamole, salsa, cheese, spring onions and jalapeños. I think this dish alone would have been sufficient for the two of us as a main meal as the portion was substantial. It’s a great starter selection for sharing and there’s something therapeutic about dismantling a nacho tower whilst keeping all the toppings securely in place #SmallVictories.

The third dish in our selection was Tacos Al Pastor. Three soft shell corn tortillas packed with pork belly adobo, roasted pineapple, red onion and coriander salsa. It was the type of taco which required both hands and some savvy hand actions to avoid losing some of the generously packed filling. If none of their taco options tickle your fancy, then you have a build-a-taco option which gives various meat and veg options along with an extensive list of sides to customize your meal.


If I have one regret from the meal, it’s that I wish I had been less ambitious on the mains and left space for dessert. El Pistolero’s churros are served with dark chilli chocolate and milk jam and I was served a serious dose of food envy as I saw churros heading to the table alongside ours as we departed. I have it on good authority that they’re worth saving space for!

The drinks list is small but sufficient with a few wine options to choose from. The largest selection is, naturally, various types of tequila because a Mexican meal wouldn’t be complete without it.


The staff are attentive and welcoming, and the open plan layout of the restaurant provides you with the opportunity to see the chefs in action. El Pistolero is one worth watching on social media as they often run specials such a Taco Tuesday (half price on all gourmet tacos) and half price cocktail jugs on Saturdays – not that we need more motivation to return!

Cnr Duvernoy And Chopin Streets, Pretoria
079 197 9962

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