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May 9, 2020, Author: bianca

Where to cuddle up for drinks post-lockdown

With lockdown having been extended, most of our liquor cabinets are empty and some of us are seriously craving that favourite drink at that favourite spot… Here are our favourites.

Home sweet home

Okay, it’s true. Having spent so many days at home during lockdown, we kind of got used to the comfort of drinks on the couch. No need to even put on something other than slippers for this one! It’s a no-fuss, no driving, no fancy dress kind of spot for our favourite drinks and once lockdown has been lifted there will be ample liquor stores in Pretoria that can provide that perfect drink. We’re thinking The Good Oaks at Lynnwood Bridge for one.

Facebook: @thegoodoaks

Carbon Bistro

This is one of our old-time favourites and with its new location it could be a whole new experience post lockdown! Visit Carbon Bistro at Greenlyn Village Centre for an unforgettable experience when it comes to gin (and cuisine). They stock an impressive list of local and international gins including new arrivals, citrus gins, fruity and herbal gins, floral gins, spicy gins, London dry and others.

Facebook: @carbonbistro

Summit Grill and Sky Bar

As one of Pretoria’s top cocktail bars, Summit Grill and Sky Bar in Menlyn is certainly on the top of our list for drinks come post-lockdown celebrations. Their expertly crafted cocktails were definitely missed, and we are so excited to see what events they will be hosting when things have gone back to normal.

Facebook: @SummitSkybarMenlyn


Oh, how we have longed for a sundowner on Hogshead’s deck these past few weeks! They have no less than twelve local craft beers on their menu and come the first evening that we’re allowed to indulge in one of these, we won’t hesitate to go out!

Facebook: @HogsheadHazelwood

Capital Craft Beer Academy

With beer being their specialty, Capital Craft has a way of helping their customers unlock the beers they serve’s various fragrances and aromas. Its atmosphere is one of community and togetherness, something we’ve all longed for over the past few weeks. So, gather your friends and celebrate the end of lockdown together!

Facebook: @capitalcraftmenlo or @capitalcraftcenturion

Baracas Wine and Beer Bar

This trendy, yet rich-in-heritage wine and beer bar is a cosy neighbourhood bar ideal for one of the first evenings on which you can have a drink post-lockdown. They have also recently launched a take-away menu including their famous ribs, allowing some proper social distancing for those of us who would still like to practise it post-lockdown.

Facebook: @baracas01

There you go, HP. Hopefully we can all enjoy a night out in town this month, celebrating the fact that we have slain the lockdown dragon!

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