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Detox your home for a happier, healthier you

January 15, 2019, Author: Danita Pilley

Detoxing is a hot topic at the moment with juice cleanses, detox tea’s and water fasts gaining major popularity. We’re all more aware and conscious about what’s going on inside of our bodies and carefully watch what goes into our mouths while striving for a cleaner and natural approach to wellbeing by avoiding harmful chemicals and toxins but, what about our homes?   

The average home contains 500 -1000 chemicals on average, some of them toxic, many untested and all of them compromising your health. Okay, before you freak out, remember that short-term contact with trace amount of toxins isn’t going to kill you, but with so many questionable chemicals swirling around your environment on a daily basis, you might want to take a few simple measures whenever possible to detox your living space.  

We know the thought of eliminating every last harmful chemical in your home may seem overwhelming so, we’ve compiled a list of low-effort, high-impact tips to clear the air and start the new year off on a greener note.  

Crack a window  

We did say these would be low-effort, didn’t we? Indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air so, make sure you keep the air in your home clean and fresh with proper ventilation so that you reduce the number of toxins you breathe in. Also, side note, fresh air is a great mood lifter too! 


 Switch to more natural cleaning products  

Not only will this improve your health and quality of living but, these products do wonders for the environment too. If your budget doesn’t allow for this though there’s plenty of homemade options that work just as well, for example, you could use vinegar instead of bleach, baking soda to clean tiles or lime as a disinfectant. You can also apply this to your self-care products, there are so many natural alternatives that are far better for your skin. 


Get to know the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean 15” lists 

We know that buying purely organic produce can be costly so just avoid pesticides as much as possible. Get to know which foods have the most pesticides and which you can get away with buying non-organic. Some foods on the dirty dozen list include spinach, strawberries, potatoes and apples. 


Clean out your medicine draw
you may not be aware of this, but generic medicines contain crazy amounts of fillers, chemicals and additives that you definitely DON’T need in your body. Go through all your medicine and firstly throw out everything that is expired, then slowly start transitioning to herbal remedies and natural homoeopathic drugs. They may work a little slower than traditional pharmaceuticals, but your body will thank you in the long run.  

Know your plastics  

Some plastics leach harmful chemicals that negatively affect your health and your hormones. Try completely switch to glass containers, bottles and packaging in your home wherever possible or alternatively avoid any plastics marked with a seven as they contain BPA. These should also never be put in a microwave or dishwasher.

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