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Buffelsfontein Beesboerdery

May 20, 2019, Author: bianca

For boere, beards and brides

Buffelsfontein Boerdery is a tongue-in-cheek eatery at the popular Greenlyn Village Centre in Menlo Park that has celebrated their 2nd birthday in March. Their slogan is simple: Meat, Beer, Wine.

It is the perfect fit for boere, beards and brides as this is where you’ll find men with well-groomed beards and khaki shorts in the middle of winter and any woman who can deal with that amount of testosterone is worth making a bride.

Buffelsfontein Beesboerdery might just be the most Afrikaans restaurant in town. It is owned by the same owners of the popular Buffelsfontein Baardolie and Brandy, Mark Eybers and Meyer le Roux. With this brand, you need to understand Afrikaans to really appreciate their often-hilarious play on words and blunt, but brilliant comments. Everything about Buffelsfontein Beesbouerdery accentuates the ruggedness of the bush, the harshness of hunting and the peacefulness of a campfire – all with a hint of sarcasm and a grin hidden behind a trendy beard.

True to its name, it is all about meat at Buffelsfontein Beesboerdery. In fact, the menu claims that it was not the owner, but the waiters who included the Keiser Salad under the lunch options. So, treat yourself to some good, South African steak with all the true Afrikaans dishes that make you miss South Africa and the Afrikaans language terribly when you’re not in the country.

They serve Afrikaanse Pouseiers (their own version of an Eggs Benedict Florentine) for breakfast, braaibroodjies for lunch and melktert toebroodjies for dessert. Their light snacks leave you nostalgic with meatballs like only your grandmother could make. All their lunchtime options go for R65 between 11h00 and 15h00 on weekdays, which we think is reason enough to treat yourself. They also have some special dishes like bone marrow fillet and lamb chops and they even cater for the discerning pescatarian with a sea bass dish that they describe as a salad that swims.

Where there is meat, there is beer (in this case mik-en-sluk) and wine. The bar also serves what they call skietertjies (generally known as shooters). Couple your drinks with some platters like Die hele plaaswerf opgekerf or Wyntjie se maat – the Afrikaans way of wining and dining that makes you linger for longer.

This restaurant reminds you of your roots in an honest, but funny; naughty, but hilarious way and they do it with some impressive menu options.

Here are our favourite wordplays from their menu:

Bederfroom – Buffelsfontein brandy, Nachtmusik chocolate liqueur and Amarula over crushed ice

Bietjiekiepie Rolletjie – chicken burger

Halwe Slaai en Slaai – half chicken with salad

Resessie Rol – hotdog (directly translated: Recession Roll)

Rolhappies – spring rolls

Blaasvlamvla – crème brulée


Greenlyn Village Centre, Menlo Park

012 004 0638

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