Apprentesses SA goes big on tellie

August 5, 2019, Author: bianca

In the spirit of Women’s Month, Apprentesses SA is putting on a new jacket in the form of a television program called Ster-Status, which will be launching on VIA (channel 147) on 5 August.

We met with Tarien Cronje, the founder and Executive Director of Apprentesses SA and asked her about the journey towards getting Apprentesses SA onto national television.

What sparked the idea of Apprentesses SA and Ster-Status?

I am actually a designer – I studied it and eventually opened a shop and I think my own need for mentorship definitely had an influence. Also, when girls came to fit wedding dresses or matric farewell dresses, the conversation lead to their dreams about the future and the fact that they don’t have mentors. They don’t really know which way from there. That obviously started the whole journey of launching a mentorship platform for girls to help them realise their dreams. When we started researching millennials specifically, it was interesting to see that one out of every three millennials want to be famous! They either want to be influencers or celebrities. Things just evolved over the years up to year 5 where we’re now going to be on national television.

How does Ster-Status work?

We offer a platform for girls who want to go into the entertainment industry. There are enough singing platforms, but not really for entertainment. We focus on commercial modelling, presenting, acting and influencing. After entering you go through many workshops and then there are challenges for elimination to get to the Top 12. The winner is eventually chosen from the Top 12.

Who are the mentors and how did you decide on them?

We look at who’s got the expertise. For the runway we went with one of the owners of ACE Models. The director of ACE Models is Jamie Johnson who owns Mrs. South Africa. For acting, it’s David Conrad. He has his own acting school and he is a master trainer in acting. He has worked with Binnelanders, Getroud met Rugby and more. For presenting we have Leandi du Randt. She’s a phenomenal presenter and has a good name in the industry.

What do you think makes Millennials different from other generations and what will get them to the top?

They are very innovative and creative. It’s another type of generation with a fresh energy. It’s nice to see how they just understand the social media platforms and how they just take it forward. They don’t care about the past, which makes it a fresh generation with a new outlook on South Africa. It’s a generation that’s going to change the country.

What do you think are the main challenges for Millennials?

Commitment. In the past we had at least 80% of the participants who were committed. Now it is about 50%.

Who can enter Ster-Status?

Any South African woman between the age of 20 and 35.

Keep your eyes open for this exciting reality show on VIA in August, HP!

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