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Alternative Advent Calendars

November 14, 2018, Author: Danita Pilley

There is no greater time of year than the festive season as we countdown to holidays, family festivities and Christmas celebrations. Whilst the greatest reminder of just how long 24 sleeps can be are children who await Santa’s arrival with great anticipation – it’s no longer just children who appreciate advent calendars as daily reminders (and rewards for patience) as they tick off the days to Christmas. The traditional chocolate filled advent calendars are still very much alive and well, but we took a look at a few non-traditional alternatives you may want to consider this festive season:


Dentists would probably recommend this option in lieu of chocolates but it depends on how much of a bookworm your children are. The principle is to provide a book per day for 24 days which you read as a family during story time or just before bed. This idea is best suited for the pre-primary age group who are learning to read and enjoy short stories or book series as many publishing houses sell sets of books which makes shopping easy. Keep an eye on who frequently have great specials on book bundles.



While the idea of purchasing a ready-made advent calendar is appealing considering we’re all strapped for time these days, there is the option of making a custom calendar by buying 24 little gifts and trinkets that you know will appeal to your child. For little girls, it could be gifts such as nail polish, lip gloss, makeup brushes or unicorn paraphernalia which is readily available at stores such as Typo and Mr Price Home. For little boys, consider items such as slime, marbles, Hot Wheels or puzzles. The gifts can double as entertainment while on holiday so think carefully about your selections!


Yes, you read correctly – advent calendars for your fur-children are now also a real thing. Packed with 24 tasty treats so that your pup can also join in on the festivities and countdown to a “Yappy Christmas”. A portion of proceeds is donated to rescue organisations for dogs who are less fortunate and will be spending the festive season in a shelter.



Not quite as naughty as the title suggests but a fun way for adults to countdown the days – whether it be the days until Christmas or the days left of work! A pricey option, but one which can be shared with friends and family is the wine advent calendar available from the Wine of the Month Club. It comes with a fairly hefty price tag at R2399 but for just R100 per day, you’ll be able to savour wines such as Anura Merlot 2016, Asara VC Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Pierre Jourdan Brut, Rustenberg John X Merriman, Waterford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon.


And, there you have it! Make the countdown to Christmas a little more exciting for you, the kid’s and your fur babies this year. We promise, you won’t regret it!


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